Sunday, September 25, 2011

an overnight at nana and papa's

eden went to stay with nana and papa saturday morning and i met them 1/2 way to pick her up this afternoon. she had lots of fun (she told me.) and apparently caught up on some sleep she missed while she was sick last week.


i worked (like, at my job...but i did leave early to accomplish the tasks below!)
i cleaned out the guest bedroom closet
organized e's clothes
cleaned out her toybox (you know, christmas is right around the corner)
re-organized the toys (a the "little people" and pieces to her toys end up in the bottom of the toybox...NOT ANYMORE! the little pieces are in their own box!)
cycled out some of her other toys
re-organized the bonus room
sorted out e's baby stuff
donated some things we won't need anymore (as in, we didn't use it the first go-round, we won't need it again)
organized the garage (most of it.)
put some things together to be "craigslisted" (yes, its a verb.)
went to goodwill
cleaned out the fridge
shopped for some essentials (you know, diapers, dog treats and a new fall candle... and a few other things.)
got the kitchen back home

and somewhere in the midst of all that productiveness, i enjoyed a late night dinner with dad, a sunday lunch with my husband, slept in for the first time since i canNOT remember, AND had a newborn photo shoot with the sweetest little photography subject! once her mama makes them public, i may share a few with y'all... i'm pretty excited about them!

this, perhaps, has been my favorite type of weekend... lots of productivity, lots of fun, a teensy bit of "me time" and time with my girl where i wasn't worried about the million other things i have to do or things i'd like to get done when she's in bed (and i'm exhausted and worrying about waking her up.)

funny thing, i skipped my nap today in hopes of an early bedtime... but i'm thinking about re-organizing the kitchen... nah. maybe another day.

oh, and NO. i'm NOT nesting and i'm NOT organizing her baby stuff because we're expecting... yes, I'M SURE. we sorta hit the ground running with her and never seemed to "catch up"--well, until now. :)

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Li'l Miss Muffet said...

Please send some of that hyper-drive motivation my way!!