Friday, August 5, 2011

well, it IS that time of year...

the time of year where...

the hurricanes seem to be brewing

i start getting REALLY tired of this weather, wait... i'm tired of being REALLY tired of this weather.

i begin longing (yes, pun intended) for my long-sleeved tees... and denim... and fleece jackets... and sweaters

i find it easy to complain about things... my electric bill, the temp inside the car after you're done "mall-walking", feeling sweaty, not feeling like cooking, getting tired of wearing summer clothes... i try not to sound ungrateful, but its easy to slip into that... i just feel grumpy.

tax-free weekend... which means i won't see my husband. its like he's out of town on a business trip.

i really am thankful... but for whatever reason, i sometimes wonder if this is how people feel in the deep, dark cold of the winter: just plain old tired of it. i'm beginning to wonder if i'm just wired a little differently... well, i suppose we already knew that, didn't we?

so, i try to think about the good things...

i get excited about all the school supplies at target/walmart... its the promise of autumn.

this is the time of year where the summer thunderstorms are the best!

we begin getting b.u.s.y. at work (this is a good thing...makes work lots of fun--but exhausting)

the decorating holidays are approaching... fall, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, and finally easter. (i know what you're thinking--and no, hanging an american flag isn't "decorating"--its just plain patriotic.)

...yeah, its a rambling post... but its my blog.


KT said...

I'm definitely over this weather too. I cannot wait for the first cool fall day. And hopefully it snows a lot this winter too!

Edwin and Jess said...

I'm a summer girl through and through. I live for the beach, the pool, flip flops, and sundresses. But I do LOVE the holidays and the weather that comes with it. I would be more than happy if after Christmas it was 75 degrees though :) I try my best to see the good with each season, and I love them all...I just get tired of the dark and cold winter after a few months.

The Comptons said...

i COMPLETELY understand...I've been so grumpy lately and I think this is why! bring on the snow, i never get depressed in the winter :)