Saturday, August 6, 2011

redneck rain gauge

y'all... we had us  TOAD STRANGLER today.
wut's that, you ask? wellsir, its when it rains a heck-of-a-lot in new york minute.
'cept the "new york minute" was all mornin' long.

i been wantin' to show y'all muh redneck rain gauge.
i'mma tell ya right now, this thang wuz EMPTY this morning when i had to head on in to the shop.
and when i got home, it looked like 'dis.

now, this here pool belongs to muh best gal, eden. its probly more'n 6 eenches deep.

welp, i gotta get off this here computer... the ole ball 'n chain's wantin' to check the nascar standin's.

g'nite, y'all.

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