Friday, August 12, 2011

lesson learned

eden loves sitting on the bathroom counter while i do my makeup/get ready/fix hair...whatever it is that i do in the morning to whatever extent. ha.

most mornings, she finds a new "treasure" and insists on carrying it around... sometimes she'll emulate what i do with it (she'll try to put on the jewelry or wipe the makeup sponges on her face), and sometimes she just pretends that my compact is an iPhone... they do look remarkably similar.

on this particular day, eden decided to try to get the top off of my deodorant

when she was successful, i gently told her
"no ma'am, that's not going to taste good. do not put that in your mouth"

in what seemed like slow motion, she cut her eyes at me and preceded to take a bite out of my 
degree "shower clean" scented deo...

[cue the screaming, slobbering toddler]

"eden, i tried to warn you that wouldn't taste good!"


as i finish wiping the white chunks out of her mouth i asked, 
"let's get something to wash your mouth out"

she replied "JUICE!!!!!!! MILK!! JUICE JUICE JUICE"


we're learning... we both are.
how to handle tantrums...
mama's not always the bad guy...
oh yeah, and tastes and textures.

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