Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a first

after a long day of what was supposed to be a "minor dental procedure" that turned into even more than the dentist imagined... i had my mind made up to come home and just play in the floor with my precious girl to end the day on a high note...

little did i know, eden was bringing home her first work of art from school...
a book!!
please notice the lovely blue/orange coloring she did on her book

 i do NOT consider it a coincidence that the "doggie doggie" page is more heavily colored than the rest 

...and i would also like to mention that she carried it to me and said
"hey diddle diddle book"
yes, very similar to her trademark "deedle deedle"

but as we read the book, 
she said "hey diddle diddle" [page turn]
 "moo" [page turn] 
"doggie doggie" [page turn]
 "fish" (which happens to sound alot like the word "dish")

i am SO proud...what a work of art! fine/gross motor skills, using her words, AND reading!?!?!
SO proud of my big girl!!!!


Type B Mom Stays at Home said...

what a smart girl!!! I love her book! She is so cute that usually, I make Brandon listen to me read your posts out loud :) Harper also says 'dish' for 'fish!'

Summer said...

Hey Hannah! I saw your comment on my blog and came on over to yours to meet little Eden. I LOVE LOVE that name. And I know these little gals just grow so fast. I am excited to see my little Sunny grow up and walk in my flip flops like your daughter-it will be before I know it.