Thursday, May 26, 2011

the big reveal

its hard to tell, but under neath the "fort" up top, its closed in--like a play house... the wall that faces the street has a window cut in with a flower box outside, theres a window in the wall that faces the swings... a 1/2 wall "counter top" under the slide and a doorway with a 1/2 wall on the side opposite of the swing side... its floored in with a climbing ramp (my opinion, a little safer than a traditional ladder.) and a SLIDE! and two swings.... lots of fun with a small "footprint"...PERFECT!
(i'll post better pics tomorrow...when i thought about taking more pics, it was dark tonite!)


as soon as we walked outside this afternoon after we got home from work/play, she started pointing and kicking her feet around--nearly jumped out of my arms...
(cue the melted heart.)

one of the neighbors (addison) came over today and played with eden (which she also LOVED)

i have more pictures but am much too tired to post any more now...
...but i didn't want to leave you in suspense any longer (in case you don't check my facebook.)

if you're thinking of putting ANYTHING like this in your backyard, 
give mark drummond a call at backyard playgrounds
he's based out of the apex/holly springs area, but has a shop out our way, too...
he travels all over the place!

he's extremely reasonably priced and does ENTIRELY CUSTOM work!! 
check out his facebook page, too and see some of the wonderful testimonials and pictures of
his AWESOME work... swingsets, treehouses, catwalks, and some stuff even connected into the family's deck (whoa!)

seriously, we paid what i could've gotten a cheap one installed from lowe's or home depot, but got hand cut lumber and a custom design for our small, fenced-in yard... or even a cheap in-the-box set for and paid someone to put together (which means you'd STILL have a cheap play set that won't last!)

...not to mention the only time i broke a sweat over this thing today was pushing my elated daughter (and elmo) in her swing! didn't even get my hands dirty :)

this thing is sturdy enough for ME to climb up in the fort up top... or play with her in the play house...

worth. every. dime.
i am SO looking forward to YEARS of fun with this thing

....can't wait for lee to see it :)


wilderfamily said...

Very very cute...i like. We just may have to check into this.Thanks so much for sharing.

JJRod'z said...

i love the title of the blog... i agree on that... keep on...