Friday, March 18, 2011

wheezy e update

woo hoo! she's not so wheezy anymore... in fact, she's not wheezy at all!

we're backing down her breathing treatments to every 6-8 hours tomorrow. her cough is still there, but its not NEARLY as bad as it has been... and she's not acting like her ear is bothering her either. no more motrin... just steriods (at dinner), antibiotics (with breakfast), and albuterol nebulizer treatments.

we skipped miss kristin's today just in case she is still a tiny bit contagious--which worked out well since lee was off work today anyway... i don't think she's been contagious for a several days, but she has 2 kids and several others that stay--i would hate to know i had passed this off on another baby!

but wow--when i got home from work today i noticed she is back to her normal high-octane self--her usually BUSY self.... into everything, can't turn your eye for a single second, head down turbo crawl laughing when she sees you chasing after her... you get the idea!

and who knew she was still learning so much while she's been so sick... she's now added CLIMBING to the mix... scaling the sofa cushions, pillows, anything piled up in the floor... its her mountain to conquer!

her appetite has been back for several days now and she's learning to tolerate her breathing treatments pretty well...

now, y'all know i'm not much of a summer girl--but it seems nice to see the sun and to get rid of these GERMS! ugh!

thanks for your continued prayers... we're certainly on the mend. let's pray for no more setbacks!

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