Friday, March 18, 2011

better way late than never.

eden has entered her 2nd year of life the very similarly to the way she entered her first... not the way we had planned. and heck, it even included the hospital.

let's take a step back and do the normal milestone post. weight. head circumference. height. favorite things... you know the drill.

height: 29.5" (50-75%)
weight: 21.5 (50-75%)
head:45.75cm (75%)

...that big gourd is housing a very busy BRAIN! my goodness she is learning stuff left and right... whether i (or anyone else, for that matter) taught her!

words: mama, dada, dog, book, duck, hey, bye.. and she signs milk and "all done!"... and like i said on the 11 month post--when she wants to say what you're saying, she gets very focused on your lips--i'm trying to make more of and effort to repeat things and really e-nun-cee-ate them. the desire to grow her vocabulary is definitely there. she also loves talking in her own language when she's playing with her dolls, talking to nershi, or other kids.

she points and gurgles and has several varieties of waves--whatever she's in the mood for, i suppose. blowing kisses is her thing! seriously, she knows she ALWAYS gets a reaction when she blows kisses... and if she's doing it and you're not responding enough, she takes it up a notch and sings while she does it (turning in to the indian know the one i'm talking about.) she LOVES climbing (i know i said that in a previous post today, but this is the milestone post. get over it.)--she's become quite the daredevil--she loves being tossed on the bed into the pillows, being flung around, scaling sofa cushions, hanging upside down, tossed up in the air... anything like that. and as far as the climbing goes--i'm ready for e to walk--once she conquers that--we'll be living at the park this summer!! can't wait!

we're eating 3 meals a day now... with snacks in between. generally yogurt and cheerios for breakfast... yogurt/fruit for lunch and veggies and some of whatever we're having for dinner. we're totally off formula--but i'm thinking of investing in a dairy cow. i'll admit, we did a little backsliding this month with the bottle--but thanks to my loving, encouraging blog readers--i'm not sweatting it. she'll get rid of her bottle when she's ready.** she's great with her sippy cup--juice, milk and water out of that--so, no concerns there.

**i'm of the opinion thats when it needs to be done anyway... after all, that's when you move to solids, potty train, adjust sleeping arrangements, and any other important milestone... WHEN THEY'RE READY. she's just not there yet and i'm ok with that!

she's still attached to her blanket--but only when she's tired or not feeling well... she loves to be wherever i'm at, and sometimes has just a touch of separation fussies--but 98% of the time will go to ANYONE... even a stranger. its so funny to me how social she is--the girl can work a crowd (no, not just a family crowd)... during her ages and stages quiz--she's always off the charts on the social stuff and right about where she should be for her motor skills. some of the other boys we hang out with don't seem to be talking as much as eden, but i seem to be observing their motor skills thinking "i should work on that with e". for example... eden isn't putting blocks or things IN a box/container... she's not throwing things either (the doctor advised me to enjoy her "not throwing things" while it lasts. its coming.) ...but honestly, i think girls are just programmed for the social stuff and boys tend to be better early on at the motor skills... but hey, it gives me something to work on with her! i bought her first box of crayons and we're looking forward to exploring with those soon!

size 4 diapers (well, we're finishing up the 3's but my next box of diapers are 4's). and still 12-18 month clothes (wow! she got lots of really cute clothes for her birthday!)

and people... this should come as no surprise... she STILL only has TWO TEETH. omg. i asked the doctor "what the heck" during her well baby check and she said "well, we like for them to have two by the time they're 12 months." ....well, super doc--we've had these since THANKSGIVING. oh well... as all women are, clearly eden is doing things on her own time. i don't know why i'm so surprised.

the tantrums seem to have temporarily subsided... only because i've put a halt on the weaning (illness induced.) and what type of mother wouldn't give her sick baby everything she wanted?! tantrums aren't necessary in such euphoria... or is it utopia... eh, you pick... but i feel like they'll be back around in the next few weeks.

i'm sure i'm leaving out so much stuff--ahh, more favorites: puzzles (sorta...she's getting the idea--again, we're working on the motor skills), books, the stroller is back in action--e and i have squeezed in a few walks before daylight savings time started again... but she and lee have put some miles on it... they went for almost an hour yesterday and she just loves riding in it... she kicks her legs and sips on her juice... such a happy baby! wooo wee... bath time has been taken to a whole 'nother level... she typically bathes in the big tub every night... with bubbles (berry scented--leftover from the party)... she crawls around and splashes and loves laughing at allllll the ducks (again, leftover from the party) "riding the waves" she makes...

OH! and how could i forget... MUSIC!! this girl has got some moves!!!! she loves standing next to lee's record player and dancing... and she dances whenever we sing songs--whether she's strapped in her car seat, or sitting in the middle of the floor, or sitting in her high chair... she loves dancing... and she loves to watch lee play his guitar... the two of them often make drums out of non-drum items in the house... shakers/maraccas... a paper towel tube (that can be a horn, microphone or a drumstick)

she is a PURE JOY to be around... so stinkin' fun. sometimes lately i find myself wondering if she'll still be a mama's girl when she's older and want to do fun stuff with me... will she be a daddy's girl and enjoy music and dancing with lee... or will she be a great mixture of both of us and enjoy all of our favorite activities...

being a parent is seriously so much more fun that i could have ever imagined--more challenging, more rewarding, more love, more stress, more learning, and more humbling.

and i must say--i'm pretty proud of myself and lee--we've survived our first year of parenting!! yay!! :-D

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Edwin and Jessica said...

Peyton has just started with the little tantrums, I have to say they make me laugh. It's usually when I tell her "no" and move her away from whatever it is (usually the dog food). She arches her back and lets out a screech then 1/2 second later she's over it and on to something else. Such a female.