Monday, February 14, 2011

the unnecessary pep talk

confession: when i set my mind to this new lifestyle*, i gave my self a pep talk. and i just might have even said it out loud. but only if the pool deck on the ship was really windy and no one could hear me.

*no, its not a diet... lifestyle is the word that should be used here.

the talk went something like this...

"ok hannah, you're too smart to keep putting all this nasty crap in your body. if you can manage to curb your carnivorous cravings, hopefully, you'll gain a new sense of happiness... and possibly shed a few pounds. just remember, you will probably be hungry... a lot. this new thing will require some extra planning and the meals will be smaller--you know, since there's no meat. but eventually.... no... wait... HOPEFULLY those snack cravings will pass... smaller meals... no snacks... just pretend you're living in nairobi or'll be just fine"

well, FYI folks! WE'RE NOT STARVING OURSELVES!! in the whole scheme of things, we're pretty early in this and i'm sure we'll face our share of struggles... but today, i had lots to eat and never felt overly full or weighed down... and not to mention, i don't feel guilty after enjoying my snack before bed.... instead of a cookies or something that would've had more nutritional value if i'd eaten the wrapper, i had a bowl of fiber one honey clusters (yay for finding an "adult cereal" that i like!) with almond milk and fresh strawberries on top.... wow. it was incredible. i'll elaborate more in another post on what exactly we've been eating.

so, maybe my pep talk wasn't entirely necessary. so far, so good.


Ashlynn said...

good luck to you on your lifestyle change! I could definitely take a note.. I eat the crappiest food! :)

Ashlynn said...

hehe... you are too funny. I don't have an announcement as of yet :) Maybe one day!

ashley said...

I love that you're doing this and that you are blogging about it so I can read it! :) We are going through a similar lifestyle change as well. (I'm telling you, Food Inc. changed us!) We aren't cutting out meat entirely, but we are striving to have 2-3 meatless meals a week. When we do have meat, we are trying really hard to find places that sell grass-fed beef and cage-free chicken. We are toying with the idea of trying to get more/all organic everything... but haven't figured out how to do that just yet since it truly is quite a bit more expensive. Keep up with the updates... i love it!

House of Sykes said...

not sure if you're going 100% no meat, but we've found that ground turkey not only tastes the same as ground beef, it's about $2 cheaper too!

also, are you integrating an exercise regime too? we started p90x last night, and i think we're both terrified!

good luck with it all!