Tuesday, February 15, 2011

brown rice

dear brown rice,

tonight we met for the very first time. i was expecting a beautiful thing. i cooked you just as the directions on the bag said--i even added the "optional" butter. i set you up for success by topping you with a colorful feast of red & yellow peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, onions and a tiny bit of garlic. to ensure our "happily ever after" i splashed a dash of soy sauce to boot. the stage was set as you steamed in the pot--you knew i was coming off of a difficult break up with my old beau, white rice and my occasional weekend fling with his crazy cousin, fried rice... and i wasn't looking for anything serious.

but alas, we didn't have the best start... i was mildly disappointed. i'm still interpreting your earthiness--a quality i usually like in a mate. and although i didn't LOVE the pleasure of your company, i think your unwritten message may have been to eat less of it anyway--whether it was because you were so filling or because we just didn't "hit it off"

we will meet again--at least one more time. i'm not giving up on "us". its not you, its me.... i just need a little time.



Graceandjoelroberts said...

Oh man, we're short grain brown rice all the way. Love the stuff!! We have to buy it at an Asian market to get short grain but it is good (if you like sticky rice). We use a rice cooker (not sure if it makes a difference). Don't give up, it is so so good!

Analee said...

i'm not a brown rice fan either. guess that may be from my white rice upbringing. i just don't like the way you have to cook it for nearly an hour and still sometimes it isn't done.

my favorite grain now is quinoa. it has replaced rice in my life. i like the red quinoa the best. it is different than rice but, just hands down, my favorite grain/side dish.

quick to cook too. and, you can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. lots of recipes online. what you buy in the store does not need to be washed.