Monday, February 21, 2011

a moment of weakness

after a busy day at work (i got a chance to eat 1/2 my lunch at 2pm) and some stress triggers this afternoon-- and by "stress trigger" i mean "as soon as i walk in the door from work, my dog darts down the street like a bullet out of a gun to growl and bark at all the other neighbors" there was a small piece of me that wanted to ditch my naked (no tortilla) vegetarian art vandalay from moe's (yeah, i know, i had qdoba yesterday--i'm still deciding which one i like better.)... and go get something meaty from somewhere that fries everything they cook... and then get it dipped in chocolate.

but i didn't.

instead, i enjoyed my fresh dinner... and i didn't feel guilty about what i ate... and in a few minutes, i'll dive into my lastest addiction...

i know strawberries aren't in season right now... but that milk is like a thawed out vanilla milkshake... and you don't need the first granule of refined, granulated sugar. my head may very well explode in culinary delight when those strawberries are from jus' down the road this summer!

and yeah, that bowl of strawberries... that's pretty much what my bowl looks like when i make it... "uh, hannah, would you like a little cereal with your strawberries"

in fact, lee's been gone and traveling and working nights so much lately, that i look into the bowl... and its like... love. some sort of love.

i know i've mentioned this cereal before... so why have you not tried it yet? what are you waiting for?!?!

which brings me to my next dilemma... i'm rapidly approaching the bottom of the cereal box.... so what now? do i try another cereal? or get more of what i love... a lot of this "food challenge" was about trying new stuff and stretchin' my neck out... so, perhaps i'll try something different... maybe i'll even open the box while i'm still in the grocery store to make sure i like it... if its not love at first bit, i'll be back to the ole reliable!!

[insert creative transition here]...back to the food challenge on more of a general level... after talking openly (to those who ask) about my "thing" with meat... i've decided the best way to explain it is that i think of meat like i do alcohol. we don't drink alcohol at every meal, well MOST meals... and now the same thing applies to meat. i'm somewhat of a "social meat/processed foods eater" and i'm selective about the meats i'm eating... and in general, trying to avoid processed foods all together.

eh, that's all i gotta say today... now, i'm off to enjoy some cereal & strawberries.

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Edwin and Jessica said...

If you haven't tried the Special K Chocolate Delight cereal, I highly recommend it! I eat a bowl of that instead of something bad (like oh, an entire row of the Peanut Butter Patty girl scout cookies we have in the pantry) when I need something sweet. It's also been my dinner a few nights when Edwin is working.