Sunday, February 27, 2011

a fantastically busy day!

e woke up extra early this morning* (not great at the time, but really worked out for the best!), so she took an earlier nap... i had to wake her up (after an hour) to head on to church

*thanks for waking up with her, lee... dad of the year. seriously.

she played with some of her buddies and then as she rubbed her eyes, we headed home for another nap...

i took the opportunity to clean out the clothes she's outgrown
to make room in her "downstairs closet"
...filled up a laundry basket of clothes...

then i went upstairs to bring down her clothes
i've accumulated on clearance and with gift cards and
several hand-made hand-me-downs...
and WOW. e's got an entire new wardrobe!!

tick tock tick tock... e's still sleepin'!
welp, i had to wake her up again...
we were going to michael & kimberlee's house for a party

have i mentioned how pretty the weather was today, yet?!
80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky!

hung out with them & their family and e played on the swingset and with owen...
so sweet! love those two together!

i did manage to snap another one of my favorite pictures of eden today.
do yourself a favor and "click to enlarge"...
yes, she's only wearing one shoe.
the surviving shoe is the one she couldn't manage to pull off in the car.

after we hung out for a while, we packed up and headed home
for a quick dinner, extended bath time
at long last...

this weekend was so much better than this weekend was a year ago ;)

y'all buckle up...its going to be EDEN OVERLOAD THIS WEEK!

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Courtney said...

Oh my word, she is cute! I loove how babies love swings.