Saturday, February 26, 2011

exciting news

we got a PUPPY!!
...against my better judgement.
she's so sweet and we've not named her yet

what does nershi think?
well, so far so good... he's a bit apprehensive,
but the new puppy hasn't bothered with any of his toys yet.
and she's not big enough to jump on the bed--so, that's a plus.

she's very good with eden and loves following her around

she has the cutest little bark and is already doing well when she's on her leash's to hoping she's that easy to house train, too!! whew.

and i'm assuming you want to see a picture?

HAHA... thanks for the great birthday package aunt steph & uncle kevin... eden has been dragging this pooch around all night and hasn't put down her rubber duck! the bath toys will be put to good use tomorrow night :)

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