Saturday, December 4, 2010

a day of firsts

we had several "firsts" today at our house...

the first time eden wasn't afraid of the christmas tree...
...the "needles" of the branches have poked her in the head and she didn't like it...until now.
oh, and a first that i've been IMPATIENTLY waiting for
...yes, a bit too young to "get it", but who cares--we were headed outside!

her first birthday party..., not her first birthday party...
the first one she's attended
OWEN!! he turned one on thursday

this is kim's friend, jackie and her daughter ainsley...
ainsley was born the day after owen...
and yes, she has her ears pierced, too!
(jackie is actually how i found out that eden's doctors do ear piercing!)
in a crowd full of "big kids", eden held her own!!!
the other mommies were just oodling over her!
she tried out some of owen's loot...
(while sitting in a "strangers" lap)
lots of kids... lots of fun!!
it was a dr. seuss themed party and was REALLY cute!
kim (and "bird"--her mom--did a great job with decorations!)

each kid got a big stuffed animal from dr. seuss--
eden picked the pink and orange one with the crazy hair...
its from the book "there's a wocket in my pocket"
its called a ZLOCK...
(in the book, she hides behind the clock... ya know, its about rhyming :) ha)
...i think it was the hair that got her attention!
each child got to pick between this,
the grinch, the reindeer (from the grinch), and one other one--i can't remember...

great idea!! such a fun party!!

she also missed her 2nd nap today... and was in bed before 7...
so, here's hoping for a great night! :)

...i'm off to enjoy hot chocolate in my sweatpants now! buh-bye!

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