Wednesday, November 3, 2010

third day of thanks

today, i'm thankful for my job...

i enjoy waking up and going to work and not knowing EXACTLY what my day will be like! retail has its ups and downs, but i enjoy seeing different people everyday and constantly learning something new. i love building relationships with my customers and my coworkers and the other people that i associate with on a daily basis (sales reps, etc).

i also have the privilege to work part time (as dad calls it "an 8 month and counting maternity leave") and have a relatively flexible schedule so i get to be a sometimes-stay-at-home mama, too! working at a family business can encompass a lot of emotions sometimes--most of which will be difficult for anyone to understand unless you have experienced the same thing! my dad does a great job of being my boss at work and being my dad when we're away from the store. and since working there full time, i've been able to work closely with him and been a part of seeing the company grow and bring new ideas to the table!

one of my other favorite parts is to work with granny--i've learned so much from her and enjoy talking with her about ALMOST ANYTHING. i've also learned a lot about aging in itself (weird, i know--i'll try to explain it)... you see, at 75 years old, she thinks the same things are funny that i do, she likes to talk on the phone to her girlfriends, she and grandaddy have some of the same frustrations sometimes with each other that lee and i do... yeah, things really HAVEN'T changed that much... sure, technology and things like that have come a long way, but certain emotions and thoughts and feelings just don't change... 50 years difference and sometimes i feel like i'm talking to someone my age... we learn a lot from each other and i cherish the relationship that we have.

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