Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a month of thanks...a late start

saw something cute on facebook today, and it gave me the idea to do a month of thanks for "thanksgiving"

periodically, in prayer, i try to focus only on what i'm thankful for instead of nagging or asking God for things... it OFTEN puts things in perspective when i'd rather throw a pity party for myself.

so, for this month i will (try) to post something each day that i'm thankful for!! and i would love for YOU to participate, too...

...ahem, side note... these will not be in any particular order... so, please do not assume so.

day 1 (yesterday)
i am thankful for our home! we are surrounded by wonderful people in a wonderful neighborhood and i look forward to raising eden here. we are blessed to be very close to family and live somewhere where we feel safe. most of all, i love to call it "home"

today! whew, glad i'm already caught up!!
i am thankful for my husband. he is a wonderful father and a biblical leader for our home. he is such a hard worker and sometimes all i seem to do is give him grief because he's not at home as much as he would be if i ruled the world, but he smiles and hugs me and encourages me instead of pointing out what a nagging wife i am :) he does a most fantastic job mowing the grass and helping me with the dishes. he will frequently take nershi and eden out for early morning runs so i can snooze in utter silence a little bit longer than i would normally be able to. he arranges time for me to have "me time" and encourages me to spend time with my friends and doing activities that i enjoy. he puts me in my place and lovingly criticizes, when necessary... and will eat just about anything i cook! i look forward to spending the rest of my life with him and am so thankful to call him mine :-D

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Rebekah Sanderson said...

when i find a guy crazy enough to put up with me, he and lee are going to need to have a talk about how to be the best husband. go ahead and warn lee about this future conversation :)