Friday, November 19, 2010

its about that time...

every year we always get our christmas cards done by shutterfly... and every year i have a hard time choosing my favorite!!!! its so fun because i get to get my OWN holiday card in the mail... then i can "re-gift" them and send them to YOU!

...but as far as choosing is concerned, ugh, i've even thought of getting a couple of different ones, but then i'd want to send EACH family BOTH of them!?! overkill? perhaps not when sending the grandparents pictures of eden!!

this year is no different... and its even harder deciding which of these i'll pick for my 50 FREE ONES!

check out all the great cards they have to offer this year!

which ones are your favorites? i'd love to hear your feedback!





(each one of those words is a different link!)

...what did you say? wanna know how to get 50 free holiday cards, too?

well! you gotta be a blogger!!

...oh, you are!?

well, click here and find out how!!

...and you wanna know which one i picked? HA! you'll have to wait and see which one shows up in your mailbox :-D

hope everyone has a merry christmas and remembers to get your holiday cards from shutterfly!


KieKie! said...

my favorite is "my"

The Comptons said...

my faves are "these" and "my" lol but I can see where you are having a hard time choosing! They are all cute! I hope I'm a lucky one to get a card of that adorable little girl! (I had a dream of her the other night...and you...and lee...and me...and your dad...) I cant remember where all of us were going but we were all going and it was a big thing! lol weird I know...miss you and love you!