Friday, November 19, 2010

day 19

today, i'm thankful for something new... something we started today!

today was eden's first day at kristin's house!!

kristin is a family friend who keeps children in her home... and without going into bookoos of details... i really had a heavy heart about finding the PERFECT place for eden to stay during the day--i had ridiculously high expectations and was pretty unsure about the idea all together, but after a playdate yesterday (lee was able to go, too!) all my fears/nervousness went away...

my main concern (out of like the 150987 concerns) was for eden to have someone pretty close to her age and to have someone extremely trustworthy and that would be another "teacher" in her life... welp, check and check! kristin is a wonderful person and her little girl is 2 1/2 and her little boy was born the same day (almost the same time!) as eden! :) she keeps a few other kids as an as-needed basis--and all of those that i know of, eden knows and they're all about her age!

i'm looking forward to many years of playdates and already consider kristin and her family a part of our family... such an answered prayer! ...makes this mama happy :)

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Edwin and Jessica said...

Oh I'm so glad Kristin will be keeping Eden! Peyton LOVES her, and she's wonderful with the kids :)