Wednesday, September 1, 2010

six months

we are so blessed!! i don't even know where to begin!!

today was eden's 6 month appointment and she's 16lb 4oz and 25.5"
she is at or juuuust a hair above the 50th percentile on EVERYTHING...

the nurses, doctors & even the receptionist commented
on how much she'd grown and her ridiculously cute chunky legs.

she's CAUGHT UP!!
she's a perfectly normal,
extremely active,
perfect 6 month old...

am i surprised? no.
its exactly what i expected the doctors to say!
i thought she'd weigh between 16 and 17 pounds...
and be right in line with a "full term" 6 month old :)

eden was normal or excelling in all aspects of her development
communication, motor skills, social skills...
(i can't remember what other categories there were on the asq quiz...)
excelling in communication & social skills
and right on point with motor skills (fine & gross)

...sounds like a girl, huh?!

she did have to get some shots today... but after her extended crankiness after her 4 month shots, dr. k recommended some motrin first... so far, so good!
she's sleepin' like a log and just seemed kind of drowsy...
but def. NOT cranky and irritable with a low grade fever this time! :)

now for the non-doctor stuff:
eating rice cereal 1x/day...and we're adding in squash, sweet potatoes, and green beans
she's not crazy about the green beans, but will ususally eat enough to please her mama.

we've started putting bananas in those mesh thingys
which she L.O.V.E.S.
we've put grapes in there, too... she likes 'em,
but the bu-nanners are her favorite.

within the next few weeks, we'll likely add a 2nd meal/day of solids...
she's really enjoying her high chair, the food & the change of pace...
we're exploring alllll the veggies before we venture into fruits
(i know, i just told you about her eating bananas & grapes,
but they're more of a chewy teething releif than "food"
...she's not eating fruit off of her spoon yet.)

up next are carrots & peas.
we're taking our time and not rushing... really letting her enjoy/explore each new flavor.
i have all idea that she's going to be a good eater!!

she's a rolly poly... this girl is EVERYWHERE!!
...well, when she WANTS to be everywhere! ;)
she's easily entertained and easily distracted if she's not happy about something*
(*which is pretty rare)
she still LOVES standing... and doesn't seem to care about getting up on all 4s or crawling anywhere, but could literally stand all the time.

she's wearing 3-6 month clothes
(some 6-9 stuff and some 0-3 month dresses),
but her onesies are 3-6 month...

she is VERY MUCH recognizing people/family/friends...
...and even strangers--which she's growing less & less fond of...
she's full of smiles as long as mama or someone familiar is in site
...she will even reach out for someone she recognizes...gosh, just melts my heart!

she has the most adorable laugh...
she has her beavis/butthead, low-tone laugh
and then she has her belly laugh!
and she smiles with her eyes which may be my most favorite thing about her.

she's so laid back and fun and a pure joy to be around...
only cranky when she's hungry or fighting sleep
...and both of those are usually fixed in .03 seconds.

i've decided she's the type of baby that makes me want a whole house full of 'em...
BUT.. she's also the type of baby that makes me think
"could we get this lucky to have ANOTHER baby just like this?!"

we are enjoying every.single.second with her and can't imagine life 6 months ago.

to tie you over, picture-wise,
here's a few pictures from bathtime last night with daddy:
^my faaaavorite.^
thank you, lightscoop.

earlier this week, my mom entered a contest to win a photoshoot
with one of our fabulous local photographers, leslie privette and she WON!!

what timing, huh?
so, we're having her 6 month portraits taken VERY soon, but i'm sure i'll take a few myself...
probably tomorrow or sometime this weekend...

hmph... you've read this far?! wow, i'm impressed!
i can't think of anything i've forgotten, but you know me!


KieKie! said...

She's a supah-star! L.o.v.e. the
1st Daddy & Eden picture...sweet.

Graceandjoelroberts said...

She is perfect! Of course she's caught up, just amazing! Love the pictures and the updates. Are you putting her in carts yet (like grocery carts)? Do you have one of those cart covers you like? I think I'm going to need one soon!

Analee said...

so congrats on the photo shoot win, that is how i found your blog. i've taken leslie's photo class at the zebulon rec center and if you've not taken it, you should! she is awesome. (i assume you're from the area.) anyway, i wanted to ask you about the light scoop - do you like it? can you tell a difference? i read about it a while ago but i wasn't sure if it'd make a difference for indoor, low-light shots. i'd love to buy a external flash with a diffuser but i just don't have, well, a money tree in my back yard. :) please reply to! thanks!
(i'm from louisburg)