Thursday, September 2, 2010

nana & papa time!!

hey guys, eden here...

mama and daddy were gettin' sorta boring, so i was THRILLED to find out that we were having mexican food tonite with nana and papa!! well, i watched them eat mexican food... they didn't even offer me any! how rude! ;)

after we ate, we went shopping at this super cool place that was SO big, mama and daddy put me in my cool bob stroller... some place called wal-mart... and BOY WAS IT FUN!

nana and papa pushed me around in my chariot and they got me this sweet stuff that mom took a picture of...
...yes, she took it with that weird contraption that makes her flash go backwards and outta my face!

that black onesie looks like it has a string of pearls on it... they sparkle! oooh, pretty!!

and papa got mama some of those things she'd been looking for... she's always telling me she doesn't seem to have enough of them around... they help me get a lot of my toys in my mouth... the ones that hang down from my awesome playmat.

oh, and that big strawberry you see? that think makes my gums feel so good!! thank you, papa!!
who knew that strawberries would vibrate when i bite down on them...

i'm feeling much better today and got a squirt of motrin before bed. mama and daddy are hoping i have a better night tonite... i thought it was fun to wake up and see their sleepy heads every few hours... even though i was a bit cranky from my shots.

alright... goodnight, folks... i was so tired, i skipped most of my sweet potatoes and my bath tonite... (i know, surprising!!). hanging out with nana and papa is so fun!!


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Megan said...

hehe we got that onesie at our shower last weekend. it was mom's favorite thing that we got. eden-you need to get on your momma for not mentioning your sweet typing skills in her update. :)