Thursday, September 16, 2010

eden's got her game face on!

since the game was a bit late tonite...
as in after MY bedtime--i'm sure she could've stayed awake for it!!
eden and i enjoyed the state game from home...
and yes, you put them in her hair with elmer's glue or karo syrup!
...just a dab'll do ya!

she was wearing her state t-shirt from jim & debbie (lee's co-worker & his wife)
and we even read the nc state book from "aunt" rebekah (she's really a cousin, but we'll refer to those cousins as "aunts and uncles", k?)
(if you can't see the front of the book it says "for ages 1 to freshman")
its a REALLY cute book
full of colors, numbers, and
vocabulary words like
and "brickyard"
and "fan zone" even teaches you the words
to the fight song, alma mater, and red and white song!
i'd be willing to bet some of you don't know all the words to those!!

man, i tell ya...
she's really gettin' the hang of this wolfpack thing!

...the carolina side of the family seems awfully quiet... no carolina gear for eden! ;)

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