Thursday, September 16, 2010

another first!

so we had another "first" today... was one that i've been looking forward to
becuase i knew how much EDEN would enjoy it!
but i had to wait until she could sit up

she rode in the shopping cart!!
and i was right...

she was smiling at people that didn't even notice her...
and checking out the wonderfulness of target from a whole different view.

eden does great in her car seat... while we're in the car.
but, i've still been taking her in places like this in her car seat because it was so much easier.

but she SO ENJOYED looking around and seeing and
being able to move and wiggle her little legs!
and a big "thank you" to kimberlee for giving us this floppy seat!
someone gave it to her thinking she was having a girl
so, she offered it to us! sweet!
we will get LOTS of use out of this, i'm sure!

heck, i'm going to have to start taking her to the grocery store when i don't even need anything!! :-D
i just love that she loves going out... ball games, target, the mall, belks!
that's my girl!!!!!

i just love her.

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