Monday, August 16, 2010

top 10

a friend of mine recently posted her top 10 baby items... and it made me remember how helpful i thought it was reading throught some of them when i was pregnant... so, i thought i'd pass MY top 10 onto YOU! :)

...these are in no particular order... well, they're in order... just the order they popped in my head :)

1. playtex drop-ins. so fantastic for not having to constantly wash bottles! we never had the issues with a gassy/colicky baby, but i hear they're great for that, too!!

2. onesies. you canNOT have enough of these. sure, dresses are cute for little girls, but they're not as functional. onesies stay put (they don't ride up in the back) and its easier to wrap 'em up for naps and get them in and out of carseat... and not to mention diaper changes!

3. pack-n-play with diaper station. brilliant. just brilliant. ESPECIALLY if your baby's nursery is UPSTAIRS.

4. the ceiling fan. okay, so this really isn't a baby item... but it's certainly baby entertainment. eden has been utterly captivated by the fan since about 2 months old.

5. the playmat! e LOVES this thing... there's fun stuff for her to do/look at whether she's on her back or tummy...

6. jumperoo/exersaucer... i'll combine these two since they're very similar... keeps eden very busy and not to mention the muscular & developmental aspects...

7. a good rocking chair. i've always been partial to these... but they are worth their weight in gold at 3am... i can rock eden AND MYSELF to sleep :)

8. the bouncy seat... ahhh, the bouncy seat!! the one we have vibrates and has an attachment that gives her some toys that hang down (sorta like the playmat)... this thing is great with or without the hangy-down thingys... in fact, i love this thing so much, i'm getting sadder by the day as eden is outgrowing it... it almost lays FLAT now when she's in it... making it look like a baby catapult.

9. a headrest mirror. a great invention so you can see your rear-facing baby. however, if she's crying, there's not a whole lot you can do to console her from a mirror---BUT, you know if she's uncomfortable, dropped her toy, etc... :)

10. blankets!! you can't have too many of these either... any shape, form, fashion... swaddling, receiving... fleece, flannel, cotton... we use them for burp cloths, playmats, out-of-place changing mats, mouth wipers, head supporters, and quasi-moby wraps (holding baby on your chest and tucking the sides of the blanket under your arms)... i could probably think of more uses, but i think you get the point!

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