Sunday, August 15, 2010

crock pot creation

yall know how partial i am to my crock pot...
and our relationship has gotten even stronger
since eden joined our family....

at a cookout this summer,
a bunch of girls were talking about easy dinners
and i overheard someone talking about hamburger steak...

i quickly tuned in to eavesdrop,
because i've never been able to find
a good (as in tasty AND EASY)
hamburger steak recipe...
and its one* of my favorite things to eat!

*one of MANY.

then when i heard it was a crock pot recipe,

we're having it for dinner tonite,
but the buzzer just went off
and i went in the kitchen to sneak a peek bite...
and WOW. a keeper for sure!

so, without further adooooo...

frozen hamburger patties
(use however many your crock pot will hold
or however many you plan on preparing for...
and add a few extras for leftovers!)

...sidenote--i had some really good quality angus
burgers from costco i was lookin' to use

a yellow onion (optional...)

2-3 cans of one of the following soups:
-beef broth
-french onion
-beefy mushroom (brothy-this one was a new find for me at the grocery store)
-(you get the idea... the brothy beefy type of soup!)
1 can of water
1 package of onion soup mixture

combine in crockpot.
low for 5-6 hours...
we're having it with white rice or twice baked potatoes tonite...
i haven't decided which yet.


Megan said...

is that a crock pot liner thing that you just take out and toss for easier clean up?

Graceandjoelroberts said...

YUMMM!!! And putting in frozen hamburgers....GENIUS! Have you seen They have a similar (but not really) recipe for french dip sandwiches (same beef broth/french onion soup kind of thing and in the crock pot). They are DELISH and super easy. Love it when you post recipes!