Sunday, August 22, 2010

our sunday

ahh, such a great day!

eden and i woke up and went to church...
it was her first sunday in the nursery!

and i must say, she looked ridiculously cute in her
ralph lauren polo dress from grandpa barry!!
and cuteness was enhanced by none other than the LIGHTSCOOP!!

she did so great at church,
i decided that we'd have a girls afternoon at the mall
a few little birds told me that belks
was having a great sale &
i had a store credit and a gift card

well looky here...
we found some sweet stuff on clearance!!
for next year
(and i even got some stuff that was 24 mos!)
haha... deals too good to pass up
and the dress at the top left is lily pulitzer
...forrrrr SIX DOLLARS!!!! yahoo!
she did so great at the mall!
smiling at all kinds of strangers
and cooing and playing with her toys

she came home and had a few visitors...
granny pat came by to see the new furniture and bring a gift by,
dad came by to say hey
tyler and rachel ann came by before they leave for scotland
then daniel and justin came by to pick up the old sofa!


we managed to squeeze in a few naps
had a great bathtime (what's new?!)

then spend some quality time with nershi...

....he adores her. its so sweet.
and i adore my lightscoop. its so sweet.
alright, alright... i'm sure y'all are tired of hearin' about my ligh...ok, i won't say it!

welp, i think that about sums it up.
our super fantastic sunday.

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Graceandjoelroberts said...

Man you are a super shopper! Next time we're in town, I'm calling you and we're going! I need to find some deals! Love the new pictures with the lightscope, incredible! Sounds like a fantastic weekend and what a perfect baby!