Friday, July 23, 2010

a sight for sore eyes...

the weathermanperson has been calling for scorching heat from now until...
ok, so maybe not quite that long,
this afternoon, i got the most pleasant surprise!
this is how the radar has looked for the better part of an hour now...
we've been gettin the coolest, steadiest, cleansing, rain!
woo hoo!!

and here's the radar at 7pm tonite!! i think we've hit the thunder-boomer jackpot!!
lately these afternoon storms seem to be disappearing
as they start heading to our neck of the woods...
but not today! :-D

basically after july 4th i am D.O.N.E. with summer...
the heat gets too hot (well, its too hot to begin with, but 100+ is TOO HOT)
i get tired of wearing my summer clothes...
i miss spending time outside...
i miss walking with my friends...

and i had a project i'd been wanting to do... but its been too darn hot!
i've been wanting to scrub our porch rails...

since our porch is covered,
sometimes the sun doesn't get to dry up the damp mugginess as fast,
and they were starting to look a bit grungy!

well, the the cooling, steady rain and a little bit of wind,
i was able to wash & scrub them
and the rain washed them off!

so, now, i'm done with my project, eden is still napping
and nershi and i are enjoying a bowl of popcorn while we catch up on DVR :)

but its not all gloomy weathered stuff... there's a metaphorical ray of sunshine...
(by the way, metaphorical rays of sunshine do not increase the temperature)

there's someone coming to (attempt) to fix my dishwasher today!!!!!
i've got my fingers crossed...
who knew our attempt to eat at home more would be challenged by the dishwasher!!
its been broken for 3 days now... yuck... really yuck.
it makes me not want to cook because of all the stinkin' dishes :(

but! not to worry!
seems like i'll be living in a new house here before too long!
new ceiling fans, shiny clean porch rails, a working dishwasher, and new living room furniture*

*i'll post more about that when it arrives!

ahhhh, my rays of sunshine shine the brightest on the cloudy days of summer!

happy friday!
what are you up to this weekend?!

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