Thursday, July 22, 2010

rice cereal!

so, i decided to give rice cereal a shot today with the little squirt...

she knew something fun was coming when she got to sit in her snazzy high chair seat!
oh, and mama even got a picture with her sweet girl!
i could just stare into those blue eyes all day...
the rice cereal was a HIT!
who knew?!?!?

she loved it!!
the spoon?
she wasn't so sure what to do with it...
she opened her mouth and basically would inhale the cereal... ha! funny...
(love the cross-eyed stare at the spoon! hahaha!)

"hey, are you gonna give me some more of that stuff?!"
"hurry up before i eat my bib!!"
and the only thing she loved more than the rice cereal was...


this is so fun!!
she is such a sweet girl!!

it was so great for lee and i to both be there--one to feed and one to film! :)

oh yeah, and don't forget to check out
(the password is our last name)
for ALLLLL the pictures we took of miss priss enjoying her rice cereal!


Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah...I loved it all...the MESS..cross eyed look...everything about that little girl..loved the picture's... couldn't help but laugh ...I wonder what was going thru her little mind.. with this being her first cereal....I could just eat her up!!!! Love to all...granny T.

Rebekah Sanderson said...

Just wanted to let you know that I thought you looked A LOT like Mama in the picture of you and Eden. There's one picture in particular I'm thinking my second Halloween when I'm a year and a half there's a pic of me and Mama and she has the exact same smile as you, nearly the same hairstyle as you. I had to do a double take for this picture.