Friday, July 2, 2010

she loves it!

sweet girl!! i've had this for her since wednesday, but she's not even felt like laying on her playmat... but she woke up MUCH better today after her shots...

i'm so excited that she loves this thing... its adorable to see her in it...
its definitely "age appropriate", but she's so tiny, we have to stuff blankets in the sides

i still can't believe how growny she looks in this thing!!

looking forward to more playtime & some 4 month pics after naptime :)

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ashley said...

ahh, that thing (we had a different one though) was one of my ALL TIME favorite baby items. We got so much use out of it. Just wait till Eden is jumping up and down so hard you'll think the molding on the doorway will rip off. :) She's getting so big!