Wednesday, June 30, 2010

four months!!

i just love that gummy grin!!!
and those blue eyes!
...and how she puts her hands on her knees... like a cowgirl or somethin'
and that cute little butt

at a third of a year (wow, REALLY?!?)

our little squirt is 23" long (10th %)

her head is 40.5 cm (approx. 40%)

and she's 12lb 5oz (25%)

in other words...

...she's perfect!

a few of you have asked about her "adjusted age"--(adjusted age is where you track a preemie's development by their due date instead of their birth date) eden is developmentally spot-on! so, her "adjusted age" doesn't come into play... so, certainly she's small for her age (for now), but in terms of her brain development she's a thriving, healthy, 4 month old :)

dr. k commented on her alertness, playfulness, appetite, and her ability to interact, her head control and her overall strength (legs, etc)... and on each account she's doing exceptionally well!

she's showing the first signs of being ready for cereal--but she's not quite ready...yet. i'm guessing it will be a few short weeks before we tackle cereal & beyond...

here's a few non-doctor things about our little squirt at 4 months

-she still LOVES her playmat, and she loves sitting in her bouncy seat (with the "calming vibrations" on, of course!)
-she doesn't have to be held--she just enjoys being in the room with everyone... and she likes to sit in the kitchen and watch me cook
-she's not a big fan of tummy time unless its bedtime...
-she sleeps on her tummy and sleeps for 9-11 hours a night, on average... on a rare occasion she'll wake up after 5-7 hours and be starving, she'll devour a bottle then is back to sleep almost immediately (most of the time that happens if she goes to sleep before finishing her bedtime bottle)
-she still loves going. in the car, walking, me carrying her, any kind of going. she's a busy girl and doesn't like red lights, slowing down, or sitting in a drive-thru line (yes, she's so much like me, its scary.)
-she's pretty patient about most things... unless she's hungry.
-bath time is ALWAYS a favorite... and a never-fail cure for the fussies.
-she loves listening to music with her daddy
-and she enjoys sitting on the front porch swing with mama

she is such a blessing and we have enjoyed every single day with her and love watching her grow!

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Becky Rudder said...

great report on your little bug. she's a cutie, for sure! from the non-mom that i am, how's mr. nershi these days? what are his stats? when's his birthday??