Sunday, June 20, 2010

summer treats

i tried a most delicious recipe that i found in my latest issue of kraft food & family...
and supppoooossively they don't drip & make a mess!!

all you need is a
few cut up strawberries
a pack of strawberry jello*
and a pack of strawberry koolaid*
...and whatever you'll use for your popsicle cups & sticks
(i had some cups left over from the shower... and you'll see what i had to use for the "sticks" ha!)
boil 2 cups of water (a few minutes in the microwave)
while your water is boiling, pour the koolaid mixture in the strawberries & mash 'em up
pour in the boiling water to the jello powder and stir until dissolved...
then mix in your strawberries!
scoop in the mixture in to your cups
cover them with foil so your "stick" will stand up...
yeah, so i probably wouldn't use these for sticks if i were making them for kiddos! haha... but i had to be resourceful!!
(this picture is a perfect depiction of what we do when we're waiting for lee to get home...nershi waits by the door as i stay busy doing some sort of project if i'm not plum exhausted!)
pop 'em in the freezer & enjoy the next day!!
*you can use any sort of "red" jello or "red" koolaid
(cherry, tropical punch, whatever you have on hand!)

and the little bits of strawberries are a little surprise!!

...perfect for a day like today when its been wayyyy toooo hot!

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