Saturday, May 1, 2010

two months.

wow. seriously? where have the last two months gone?!?

...i know, i know... i'll be saying that the rest of my life, but inserting different spans of time...[sigh]

so, here's the update on the prettiest girl i know...

we don't have a 2 month well-baby, so i don't have any stats for ya, but we're still in the midst of a growth spurt! she's eating LOTS when she's eating--and when i say lots, i mean 3-4oz. in a bottle and some times more... she's eaten a couple of times for 3.5 hours!!

i'm planning on weighing her this week myself...but i'm guessing she's about 7lbs... maybe more... she always surprises me.

yes--literally! guzzles her bottle... burps... put her down or in her swing... and she's rootin' around and sucking on her hand like she's not had the first drop... repeat until she simply gets tired of eating!!

we're still playing it by ear to see if it really is a growth spurt or if her formula isn't stickin' to her ribs... time will tell... i'm 89% sure its a growth spurt.

hmm... what else? oh, in addition to eating longer stretches, she has longer alert/awake stretches and sleeping stretches!

last night e slept from 9 until 3:30 then from 4:30-8!

she is STILL wearing newborn clothes and diapers--but, i must say, the newborn diapers seem to be "shrinking"... as in, the velcro straps don't overlap anymore! haha... she's got the slightest resemblance of rolls on her arms and legs...

this girl has SO MUCH personality! what on earth are we gonna do when she figures out how much personality she's got... woo wee... she makes the silliest faces and gets so excited about her bottle... she grabs it and draws it close to her and tries to hold it while she's chowin' down... [i'm gonna have to see if i can get it on camera--which may be difficult since both of my hands are occupied feeding her...]

she is such a happy baby and seems to enjoy being on the GO! ...ha! just. like. her. mama!

we've enjoyed walks most every afternoon... and i must say, she's a great personal trainer--because she's not a fan of me stopping for more than 15 seconds! ...this includes in the car, too! she's a pretty good rider...

she's hit or miss with her paci--she doesn't HAVE to have it... which is good, but i can tie her over for a minute or two with it while i get her bottle ready.

she is a great listener... she can be cooing and gurgling and grunting... and when you start to talk to her, she stops and listens very intently making direct eye contact and checkin' you out! so sweet. she is smiling... but its still hard to say if its on purpose...

in summary? we are so in love and are having a blast watching this sweet little baby turn into a sweet little girl right before our eyes!

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