Wednesday, April 28, 2010

gettin' the hang of this...

first, i'd just like to say, the weather today was PHENOMENAL! i could hardly keep myself inside!! (well, i didn't keep myself inside...but, youknowwhaddamean!)

eden and i had a GREAT day today! we i enjoyed some chick-fil-a, and then we ran a few errands with our friends and neighbors erin and jonah. once we got home, we enjoyed the sunshine and sat on the front porch swing for a bit...

then we went for a nice long walk with aunt lisa! then we met her, uncle steve, and caleb at the mexican restaurant... stopped by to see granny pat on the way home enjoyed some snuggle time before bed...

and wouldn't you know it, she's zonked out! :-D

i did manage to take a good chunk of pictures today... she was wearing one of my FAVORITE outfits on her!

...and i also took a bunch of pictures because the lighting is perfect in the foyer area in the afternoon... (where i took some pictures monday)... so, i took another opportunity to snap some photos of miss personality herself!!

oh, and don't forget you should be able to click on a picture to see it BIGGER.

this next one is my FAVORITE!! nershi is being his usual sweet, slow, careful self "checking on her... and she is checking him out! she's so focused in on him so close to her face, she looks cross-eyed! too cute!

....aaaaaaaand she spit up... WARDROBE CHANGE! haha

well, wardrobe "transition!" we can put on another cute outfit! :)
she's STILL eating like there's no tomorrow... i swear, i think she might weigh 10 lbs before may 1st! (ok, not really...), but i'm trying to build some confidence taking her out in public!

...not that she's not a good baby--but i just have so many ideas that come to mind when i hear a screaming baby in a store--not that she screams, but its always the big "what if", ya know? i don't wanna be "that lady" haha... but with all the running around and going and doing that we did today, she did SUPER! really.. SUPER DUPER!

but, i will say that i'm gettin' the hang of it... the whole motherhood thing... eating with one hand... getting out of the house in one piece... what not to forget when we leave the house... scheduling outings around feedings... a routine while we're at home... planning around her schedule...

...i've got a long way to go, but i feel like i'm gettin' the hang of it! :)


Graceandjoelroberts said...

I'm super impressed at all you've done and taking her all those places! That is awesome. The outfits are SO CUTE!! She looks like a little angel!

Anonymous said...

I love all of those picture' favorite one is the one with nershi in her face...the look on Eden's face just makes me all those pretty outfits...she is growing so fast...hope to see her soon.... Love to all...great-grandma..