Friday, May 21, 2010

sometimes i surprise myself.

i have had the craving for a good greek salad the last few days... minus the olives. bleck.

so, i decided to make my own... with no recipe... with ingredients that i had (minus the feta cheese! but i had a quick trip to the grocery store planned anyway)

cherry/grape tomatoes (whichever is smaller...i forget!)
diced red onion
greek rub seasoning from pampered chef
tuscan house italian dressing from kraft
feta cheese


oh yeah, and i LITERALLY made this in 4 minutes. 4 minutes.

i will be living off of this dish this summer. i've convinced lee that he wouldn't like this... so i won't have to share :)

each summer i try to find a new COLD recipe that i can tag along with grilled dinners... cookouts... take along to parties...

you know, like a pasta salad or something... it usually lasts a good bit in the fridge, too!

so, i had several recipes that i was going to be "auditioning"... and this one's a real winner!!

i'm still going to try the others... i'll get back to you. :)

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