Sunday, May 16, 2010


eden is being quite the sleepy head today... i could've gotten a million things done... but i keep thinking any minute she's going to wake up and be ready to play...

don't get me wrong... i've done several little projects, nothing major... but i would've been a bit more aggressive had i know she was so tired!

but, i took advantage of her sleepyheadedness (yep, its a word) to cut her fingernails.

i swear, i have to cut these things every day. now, mind you, i can only cut 3...4 if i'm a time... she's so busy and always moving. yeah, i know... that will only get worse.
look at those pudgy little fingers... gosh i love her...
oh, and while she was still, i wanted to snap a picture of her birthmark... i've never been a big fan of birthmarks (we don't really have 'em in our family?) but i think its the cutest thing and in the cutest spot.
it does seem to be lightening up a bit... who knows, it may even disappear... but i wanted a picture of it... which has been hard to do... remember? she moves a lot! :)

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