Sunday, May 9, 2010

first mother's day

today was my first mother's day... and it was more than fantastic.

today was eden's baby dedication at church... i remember growing up remembering sitting in the congregation thinking what a special time it is in the life of a church to dedicate your children to the Lord's service. and i was thrilled and honored to be a part of it today.

eden had on several things that she got for her dedication--my dad got her a gold cross necklace and mom got a mother daughter set of pearl bracelets... both of which were juuust her size (i put the quarter in the picture so you can see how tiny her jewelry was :)

very special :-D

i'll try to dress her back up sometime this week... i didn't get a great photo of her with all of her jewelry on... (sigh) you know, there was lots of activity today!!

she was also wearing a slip under her dress that david wore! how neat!! it had the tiniest little buttons on it!

lee's parents have eden a madame alexander christening doll... very pretty!!!
both of our families were there... the pastor's wife, jennifer took pictures of everyone (i'll have to post those later)

and remember how i told you i'd have my camera battery all charged up for today?! well, i did... but i never took it out of the diaper bag. hmph... figures.

so, i stole borrowed these from mom...

here's us before church started...
and here we are up on stage... next to michael and kimberlee and owen! :) how special! we love them!!
lotsa babies :-D
after church, we went to fargo's... a local steakhouse kinda restaurant... it was DELISH!

here's a picture of me and mooooooooooooom.
this one is a little more characteristic...
mom surprised me with a silhouette of eden... the same lady that did hers, did mine when i was a young babe (well, i still am, but i mean when i was an infant)... ha!
mom and davvve!
as you can clearly see, eden doesn't normally get any attention.
lee and his dad and mom holding little e.
lee holding little squirt before he left for work... ah, and i must interject here with a quick story... there was an older lady at the next table and she asked lee "how old is your little girl?" and with a straight face he replied "she's 2 years old" ...her eyes got big as golf balls and then he told her he was kidding and said she was 2 months :)
half the table...
after we left there, eden and i came home for a serious mother/daughter nap. then we went to visit grandaddy june and granny pat... they came to church today, but granny had the rest of the family over for lunch...

lee eden got me a moby wrap for mother's day! if you don't know what it is, its a very loooong piece of stretchy, super-soft cotton that you wrap around your self and carry your baby around in!! there's 2039487 different ways you can wrap it around... but this one seems to be my favorite so far...
and once she gets a little bigger and more head/core strength, i think she'll like sitting this way...
wow, i just noticed, this is a terrible picture of this poor girl demonstrating the "sling" style of wrapping... oh well... better her than me :)

well, that about sums it up... a great day!!'s hoping for a great night with my little girl :-D

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Anonymous said...

wow hannah - you look like such a natural mommy! sounds like your first mother's day was awesome!