Saturday, February 6, 2010

well, 'scuse ME!

i'm learning that my blog readers have become quite demanding... in addition to working my full time job, getting the nursery ready, growing a human, and trying to be a good wife (and mommy to nershi of course), these weekly pregnancy pictures are EXPECTED... PROMPTLY!

...ahh, they mean well (you know who you are!)... and yes, i'm a crazy pregnant lady who needs reminding from time to time...
and honestly, i was waiting for my doctors appt yesterday so i could give a FULL update instead of two... and i had a pretty lazy night last night... so you get it today--saturday! even though i'll be 31 weeks monday... oh well.

doctor couldn't be happier with my progress... even with my expressed concerns over my "cankles", my blood pressure is still right on target... so, he didn't seem to be concerned in the least about that! of course, he told me to take it easy, prop my feet up when i could, and wear comfy shoes.... and i may want to consider cutting back on salty foods (i will ration my asian food intake. elimination of that from my diet is virtually impossible). basically, the baby is big enough now to restrict blood-flow & good circulation... so, swelling occurs. my weight is still in the normal range... i didn't gain too much since my last visit...which i think is a good thing :) and according to all my measurements, i'm still spot on for april 12th...

i go back in 3 weeks... then 3 weeks after that i start going every week... OMG!! when you word it like that, it doesn't seem like i'll be preggo for much longer!!

now, for the non-dr. update... the belly is reeeealllly getting out there!! and this week has been full of ups and downs... i have had several rough nights... basically starting to get reeeaaallly uncomfortable and a little more difficult to change positions when trying to sleep/lay down. one of those nights had an added stomach ache on top... which poses another challenge of constantly getting up & out of bed to potty... exhausting. OBVIOUSLY the highlight of my week was our 3d ultrasound... i wish i could go back at least once a week until she gets here!!

however, i'm PROUD TO ANNOUNCE that i slept 10 consecutive good-quality hours last night... and today i feel like a NEW WOMAN!! even though my ankles are still swollen, they're not achy and i certainly don't feel as worn out... in fact, i'm going to try to get some stuff done around the house before small group tomorrow night that i've been putting off simply because i didn't feel like it!

as for the food... still craving waffles/french toast sticks (i think my house smells like syrup...haha)... scrambled eggs and toast... and a few times this week i had the urge for mozzerella sticks/pizza--that sorta cheesy italian goodness!

...and i'd be lying if i didn't tell you i THOUGHT about having vanilla ice cream with my french toast sticks... just a thought... i haven't done it. yet.

i'm getting moreee and moreee excited about eden's arrival... my list is getting shorter and shorter of things i'd like to do before she gets here. and at this point in the game, i'm not terribly nervous about delivery, but i'm more anxious about bringing her home and the whole "well, what do we do now" feeling. i'm sure that will be... interesting.

well, that's about it for this week... our weekly countDOWN is now in the single digits! omg!

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