Thursday, February 4, 2010

sneak peek

today, i had a 3d/4d ultrasound done... and to say it was amazing would be undercutting it...

i'll let the pictures speak for themselves... our little squirt has quite a personality!!

this first picture i mainly put here because of her HAIR!! not only does she have hair, its enough that you can SEE IT... i'm beyond shocked... born-bald mommy and born-bald daddy... having a baby with hair--whoddathunkit?
love that little foot up in the air... and check out those looong toes and that boney ankle :)
long fingers... and resting her arm on her knee...
sweet face... sleeping
she didn't make it very east on mrs. kim today--her pose of choice is hands in her face... but mrs. kim persisted and was able to get lots of shots of that sweet little face!!

see the hair again?!?! and i just love those little shaped lips and chin! eeeeek! :-D

and this is where eden let us know she really wasn't excited about moving around and getting her hand out of her face... check out those eyebrows---GRRRR!! ...and the frowny face! haha
and another shot of her resting that arm on her let with her hand over her face... she looks pretty comfy in there... miss long legs!! knees in her face, feet tucked behind her butt...
rubbing her eyes....
LOVED getting a sneak peek at my little squirt... she'll be here before we know it--and we're more excited than ever!

...oh, and its DEFINITELY a girl... the doctor didn't get the BEST look during the anatomy scan in november, since she was breach & backwards... but they were able to double check today--and she's definitely a "she"--whew!! :)

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