Thursday, February 25, 2010

thirty three.

well, here we are. thirty three weeks. wow.

i had a doctors appointment today... i'll update you on what he said in a few minutes paragraphs...

i've been feeling pretty good... the heartburn is TERRIBLE and my sleep leaves a lot to be desired. yesterday i felt pretty bleck all day. i took the approach of "well, i'm not sleeping during my bedtime hours, so i will start early and try to get in a decent number of (broken) hours" --so, i went to bed last night around 7-7:30 and "officially" got out of bed around 8 or so this morning... and today i felt rested & much better. no, i didn't sleep that long... more like 2 hour catnaps... woke up, took a bath, had a snack, used the potty (a LOT), walked around, watched tv, etc... but since i gave myself 12 hours to sleep, i wasn't trying to "pack in" a good 6-8 hours. eh, whatever works, right?

the house is beginning to look more and more like a baby lives here... i got the pack-n-play today, and her crib mattress. i'm washing clothes & sheets and beginning to organize the MOUNTAIN of stuff she got sunday. its really quite a job. and we're slowly beginning to get the house back to normal from the shower--the balloons are coming down, etc.

ahh... back to the doctor's appointment... things are still going really well. really. i haven't gained any weight since my last appointment (thanks to the simply apple, heh.), eden's heart sounds great, i'm measuring well, good bloodwork results, the swelling isn't as bad, everything is great.


my blood pressure.

no change in diet, no worrysome swelling, no other problems that accompany high blood pressure. just high blood pressure.

grrrrrrreat. my first thought was bedrest. ugh. PLEASE, NO! but the doctor seemed to think that wouldn't be an option and had no effect on the problem. WHEW! alright... so what now?

i go back monday for another blood pressure check (after the 4-5 times it was checked today...) & maybe even some blood work. the doctors will keep a close eye on it (more appointments) and even mentioned bumping up my due date.

...he wouldn't say when... but i'll keep you guys posted. its getting exciting for sure...

however, if i could ask one thing of you oh-so-faithful blog readers, please say a little prayer for the continued good health of both eden & her mommy... we're about 3 weeks shy of "full term" and the doctor seems VERY positive about everything going on, but prayers would certainly be appreciated. as of today, my doctor seems to think the reason for the blood pressure is just that things are a little further along than they originally thought--since bp does tend to spike towards the verrrrry end. hmph.

i'm under strict doctors orders to not worry about anything--because we all know that doesn't do anything for your blood pressure :) i'm comforted by the fact that the Great Physician, Himself already knows what is going on... the baby appears to be "ahead of schedule" and 100% healthy (so is momma), we just have to wait and see from here.


The Crocker's said...

praying for you and sweet Eden. Let me know if you have any ?'s. I was in the boat of HIGH BP, bed rest and early Holden, but he was just late enough to be an "ok" early :)

Good luck little Mama!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah,
Glad all is well and I hope the appointment goes well on Monday. :) I have enjoyed reading your blog....Megan showed it to me a few weeks ago. You have a knack for writing and you are very entertaining.
Will pray for you and little Eden.
Beth Livermon Lynn (Megan's sister)

Anonymous said...

OMG Hannah and Lee!!! CJ just told me the news. We love you and can't wait to see pics!!

RollTideGirl said...
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RollTideGirl said...
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RollTideGirl said...

To those faithful readers...little Eden Caroline Hopkins was born 03/01/2010 @ 12:22p, weighing in at a whopping 3 lb 12 oz, 18 3/4" long. Don't let the little packaging fool you -- she is at the top of the class in her special care nursery unit despite being 6 weeks early. She is complete and total perfection. Mom Hannah is doing great; and she is resting, recovering & bonding beautifully with Eden. Answered prayers all wrapped up in abundant blessings. Hannah will get back to blog updating as soon as she is able! Love, one proud new g-mom KieKie! (Vickie)

RollTideGirl said...
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