Sunday, January 31, 2010

snowed in... day 2!

after cleaning the house from top to bottom yesterday, i decided to hang up eden's letters first thing this morning when i rolled out of bed this afternoon... i couldn't be happier!! :)
and the icing on the cake? lee says to me today "i LOVE this room...i can tell you put a lot of thought in to it... the baskets, the furtniture, the colors, EVERYTHING!"

...he's so sweet :)

and lots of you have been asking, i got eden's letters at the alphabet boutique. what i liked about her website as opposed to some other letters i'd seen is that she does each order made-to-order, and the lower cased letters she can make all the same size (in stead of the same font size)--for example, in eden's name, if she'd done them all the same font size, the d would've been ginormous... and i liked the idea of the letters being the same size, it gives a little more emphasis to the e's :) (so they look bigger, but they're still lowercase)

i've got a few more very small things to do on my checklist (the snowed-in one, and the nursery one)... but all of that can wait for us to go out and PLAY!!

here's lee "testing out the roads"
playing frisbee golf in the backyard!

family photo!
and a picture of the photographer!

and these last two are from yesterday... these two nuts went running while it was still snowing/sleeting/whatever it did yesterday...

it sure is a lot more fun to get your work done FIRST... then play!! :) its been such a nice relaxing day... lee and i are convinced nershi's ready for us to go back to work... he sure does sleep a lot during the day... but fortunately since we've both been home, he's stayed up and hung out with us--so come bedtime, he's ZONKED OUT!! :)

these last two days have been so much fun... i'm really not wanting to go back to work tomorrow :-\ BUT, its the start of a fun, busy week!! :-D

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