Sunday, January 31, 2010

the days ahead

church was cancelled today... due to the weather of course (which i'm STILL enjoying!)

the upcoming week will be full of fun, exciting things... and a little busier than usual!

monday--the bookshelf will be delivered! & hopefully assembled!
tuesday--who knows..YET!
wednesday--granny is bringing the bench she made for eden's room...i can't wait to see it!! i've got the perfect spot! (don't worry, i'll share pictures with you guys!)
thursday--3d/4d ultrasound!! AHHHH!! i can't wait! ...which means we'll finally hang/stick the tree up in the nursery!
friday--doctor's appointment/check-up... (wow, i still can't believe i'm going every 2-3 weeks now!)
saturday--should be a "normal day"...but it starts my mini-vacation!!
sunday--church & some of the usual stuff, i'm assuming
monday--we go to pick up the headboard/footboard from mom's for the day...
tuesday--lee and i might go somewhere fun for the day... just the two of us!

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