Saturday, December 19, 2009

christmas baking

one of my FAVORITE things... EVER... (not just at the holidays) is a batch of homemade cookies with a big glass of MILK!

so, it should be no surprise that i LOVE baking at christmas time! :) what better way to keep the house nice and cozy* aaaaannnd smellin' goooood than to bake cookies!

*i do not use the oven to heat my home...haha... i just like the cozy feeling you get on a COLD night as you're hanging out in the kitchen near the oven... yeah, its the same "yucky" feeling you get doing the saaaaaaaaame thing in the summer!

i've made about 10 batches of cookies so far this year... i love baking them, i love sharing them, and duh!! i love EATING THEM! haha...

this year i've made a few variations of peanut butter cookies and a few variations of oatmeal cookies...

peanut butter white chocolate
peanut butter chocolate chip
peanut butter with reese's pieces
oatmeal chocolate chip
oatmeal craisin* pecan
oatmeal craisin

and each of these variations i've made a couple of batches of each... after all, if you're gonna get in the kitchen, make it worth your time! its just as easy to double the recipe!

*LOVE these things... cranberry raisins... good thing, because i can't stand RAISINS... can-i-get-an-AMEN! :)

tonite, i've whipped up a few more batches of peanut butter cookies and will finish up this year's baking with a few good batches of plain ole chocolate chip! yum!! (my "i don't eat sweets" husband usually gets a few of these!)

its so nice to bake your own cookies because you can put in things that you like to eat... and leave out the ones you don't! ...ah-hem... no raisins here! and i'll admit, i've made some batches (not this year...yet) of chocolate chip cookies with out the chocolate chips! ....would that be a BROWN sugar cookie? any who...

its fun to experiment with different tastes and ingredients... for example, my peanut butter white chocolate cookies was a total last minute decision... i had made my first batch of peanut butter cookies the other night and just as i was about to scoop them onto the cookie sheet, i thought "mmm... i bet a few of these would be good in there!" and wah lah! ....i was right! and these were a HIT! i took them to work (along with some of the others i'd made) and they gobbled 'em right up! ...i'd originally bought the white choc. chips to do a batch of white choc. chip cookies... annnnd maybe a batch with the white & the milk choc. chips... but, i'm not sure there's going to be any left to use them for those cookies...

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