Sunday, February 26, 2012

Earth to Eden's Entourage!? Hellooooo?

Oh my heavens dear friends... Life has been novel-worthy the last SEVERAL weeks. I'm sorry to have left you out in the cold (well, if you're in NC you've not been ACTUALLY out in the cold. It's been a disgustingly warm winter.) In addition to 2012 being entirely too eventful, I've also got a laptop that's out of order and a iPad that I'm unable to get pictures off of my camera with....UNTIL NOW! Well, the laptop is still out of order but I just got a camera cord adapter. :) Bear with me, folks... I'm making progress and miss blogging TERRIBLY... But if you haven't checked your calendar, I've are going to have a TWO YEAR OLD this week... Yes, thursday. And mama is in the middle of party stuff and hammering out the last few details... It's going to be a blast. Miss y'all! Will post soon! :)


Poirier Family said...


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