Monday, September 5, 2011

jumbled thoughts

oh man... 
after lee and eden went to bed, 
i discovered i was (am) not tired and there were clean sheets on the bed
what does that mean?
well, i try to coincide my personal "spa nights" when we have fresh sheets on the bed.
it just makes "spa night" better.
what is "spa night"?
oh come on.... you know what that is.
quiet. uninterrupted. introspective.
"me" time... 
i remove the chipped, faded, weathered nail polish that's been painted over and painted over and painted over this summer. filled the tub with the hottest water that can possibly come out of the faucet. i actually use shaving cream to shave my legs...(as opposed to soap or cascading shampoo suds in my normal morning rush). apply my nice lotion after i get out. an extra good floss (yes, an essential part of my personal spa night. i love it.)... with mouthwash. and my special face wash

[enter new woman]
hey... wait a minute.
why don't i do that more often?

i just love when the summer's FINALLY gettin' the heck outta here seasons poetically change.
many people have "spring cleaning"
we have more of a "fall cleaning" around here.

i like to clean off the cluttered places to make room for my fall decorations.
and my snowmen. (many of which from granny t!)

lee always loves the de-cluttering revolution when it comes through
(eh, i do too. but life usually lets the clutter creep back in)

in other news:
eden has discovered her "bee bo"
(belly button)
and depending on what kind of clothes YOU'RE wearing,
she'll show you yours, too.

and as if her simple anatomical discovery couldn't be any cuter,
when she pushes on it, she makes HERSELF laugh.

after a short day at work (1/2 day), dad and i had lunch together and went shopping for little e... fun! then came home to visit granny & grandaddy (tick tock) to find granny had gone shopping TOO!
needless to say, eden is SET for fall...

i work tuesday, wednesday... 
then, thursday leave for a business trip
(work? yes.. but certainly a change in gears)

eden will enjoy a weekend at the beach with her kiekie
and bigdaddylee will man the fort

i think my brain is confused for my change of pace from these last few days and for the days ahead...
i'm havin' to spend more time thinkin' about what i'm doing instead of being stuck in my normal routine
...not a bad thing, but i'm sure by this time next week, i'll be glad to jump back into normal.

so, with that being said, this may be the last post for a few days.
but most of y'all keep up with us via facebook anyway :)

welp, my freshly exfoliated skin is going to go enjoy my dryer-fresh sheets.

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Li'l Miss Muffet said...

I really liked this eclectic post. A little something for everyone. Little e and her bee-bo are adorable, as always.