Wednesday, August 3, 2011


wow... i haven't given the official preschool update because i simply don't know where to begin! 

the transition has been seamless!! 

day 1:
she seemed curious of her new surroundings, found an elmo doll... and of course her cousin owen
didn't cry out for me or chase me when i left.
took a 2 1/2 hour nap (the entire time allotted) on her "big girl cot"
fingerpainted (i canNOT wait for them to send that little orange triangle home!!)
at all of her lunch and both of her snacks...
lee and i BOTH went to pick her up (he'd not seen it yet), and she smiles and ran right to us!
..oh, did i mention she STILL had elmo when we walked in to pick her up? :)

the director and teacher had warned me that sometimes day 2 is the bigger problem... they become more aware of what's going on and don't want you to leave..., i was ready.

day 2:
she seemed to cut her eyes at me when i put her down... 
but then found owen (again) and started doing a puzzle

...problem? what problem!! this girl is such a champ!
i'm leaving in a few minutes to go pick her up... 
we're having dinner in rocky mount tonite with mk, lucy, and earl...

but i'm sure today was just as much of a success! 
she's already acting more grown up and since yesterday has been saying some two-word phrases...

i'll give a more complete update if i get around to doing a 17 month update... 
but if not, her 18 month update is in a little more than 2 weeks...
so i can update with doctor stuff and developmental stuff :)

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