Wednesday, July 20, 2011

my water baby

while we were on vacation, lee got me a "d40x for dummies" book at barnes & noble... i've been wanting to do MORE with my camera... i already love it and know a few things about it, but its capable of so much more than what i use it for... so, after reading the first few chapters, i was able to try a few new things out when we went to the beach.

it was e's first time with her toes in the sand (and ocean)... she. loved. it. so, naturally, that made for a great photography subject. the sky was overcast which made for some great lighting! i took about 100 pictures, but these are my favorites... hope you enjoy them!

 this next picture was accidental... making the water crystal clear and e blurry... i love the way it turned out and am learning about how to do that "on purpose" :)

 miss independent...

 she loves to play "mama's gonna get you"... we do that alot.

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