Tuesday, July 5, 2011

extreme sale shopping.. kohl's edition

i'm NOT a couponer... i wish i had the patience, but...

..i don't.

however, i have managed to figure out how to play the kohl's game
(without getting their credit card. no thanks)

shopping their big sales... especially the ones where they give kohl's cash
"what's kohl's cash", you ask?
kohl's cash is where they give you money to come back and shop later. no strings attached.
essentially, its a gift card.
this go 'round, they gave you $10 for every $50 you spent... so, that's 20% back.

so, here's SOME of my loot from their last sale...
7 bottoms
10 tops
1 dress


i've been looking for a "girly pair of keens" for my little sidekick for.ev.er.
but i really didn't want to PAY for keens... only for her to outgrow them at lightening pace...

the shoes were on sale for $10... and all the clothes up in the first picture were about $30...
i think the most expensive thing (other than the shoes) i got for eden was the carter's dress in the middle--it was $6--but so so cute... i couldn't resist! the rest were all mixed up clearance jewels... you do the math... taking the dress out, i spent about $24 for 17 items... that's less than $1.50 

i also got some stuff for me that i didn't take a picutre of... a dress, 5 camis (i wear one every.single.day. under my shirts!), a pair of shorts, several tops--some casual and some dressy, and some new undies (like you care?!)... even a few elmo books for eden... sale sale sale...

i went a couple of times... once with a "one time use" $5 coupon, and two times with my "take an additional 15% off" coupon... i spent right at $150 TOTAL (combined trips and my "total savings" at the bottom of my receipt was OVER $400 when all is said and done)... which is how i got the $30 in kohl's cash...

so, i'm planning to spend my free $30 this week while we're in wilmington...
because i've raided the local kohl's of everything i want for eden next year and even some stuff for THIS fall!

i love kohl's.
it fills the little hole in my heart that i have when i see my friends posts about how great they did "triple couponing" at the grocery store. not sure i'll ever have the time to organize such a grocery raid.

maybe i'll post what i get for free this weekend... suh-weet!


wilderfamily said...

you racked up girl...i need to do some clothes shopping for Karleigh for the upcoming year. Guess i will have to wait until they restock their supply since you bought them out :) way to go and Eden is going to look so cute in all those clothes.

The Comptons said...

Great job dear!!! Cant wait to hear what you get for free! LOVE YOU!

Analee said...

FYI, you can do the same thing at gymboree. just be careful here coming up, growth spurts are the pits on clothes-you-buy-for-the-future. i had probably $200 of gymbo clothes that just didn't fit. (too small).

thank god for kidsexchange. at least i'll get some money back!

Megan said...

I seriously LOVE Kohls! It's a problem. I actually do have the credit card so I get the additional discounts. But I don't buy anything that I can't pay off immediately. I do almost all of my Christmas shopping there.