Wednesday, July 27, 2011

almost there

please don't look at the time stamp on this post... 
and if you do look at it, know that its NOT an auto-post. 
i can't sleep.

probably because i'm too excited
and my mind runs constantly thinking about

i realize there will be an adjustment period,
but i just get so excited thinking about it.
she's ready.

really ready.
i'll probably be a ball of nerves on monday, 
but now--i'm so excited FOR HER.

i see her playing pretend and her imagination running constantly
and its another reminder of what a blessing she is to our family.

she loves to sing itsy-bitsy spider and wheels on the bus
and dance to any kind of music...
...any kind (yes, that includes lee's taste AND mine)
even commercial jingles :)
she likes to hug her friends and give hi-fives and blow kisses
and is talking c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y.
(no, i don't always know what she's saying... but she's saying SOMETHING!)

i can't wait until my fridge is plastered with projects and crafts
and i'm looking forward to watching her blossom
(even more so than she already is)

she is just so smart... i'm constantly amazed!
i hope she never extinguishes her desire for learning...

ok... i'm gonna try to go back to sleep. 


Analee said...

preschool is awesome. my mom is a preschool teacher (for 3-yr olds). kendal started last year, and holly will join him this year. get a box ready for all that artwork! it won't all fit on your fridge...

Sara said...

how exciting! can't wait to hear how her first day goes :)