Wednesday, June 29, 2011

mom of the year--exhibit 2

exhibit 1 (scroll to last picture)

exhibit 2...
my "helper" in action... 
"helping" me load the dishwasher..
the part of the scene not pictured:
as i was prepping to soak the pyrex dish with the baked-on casserole stuff 
(read: i took my eyes off of her for .2345 seconds), 
eden got a dirty spoon out of the dishwasher 
and licked off the stuck-on sweet potato casserole. 



Courtney said...

Talk to me about mom of the year when Eden hits a growth spurt unbeknownst to you - and comes toddling into the living room with a Cutco knife from the counter or the drawer (still don't know which). That's fun. ...and especially horrifying to my ophthalmologist husband.

KieKie! said...

She was cutest dressed g-baby of the year (love love that dress) on the day you were mom of the year. that counts for something.

Edwin and Jess said...

I'll share the title with you...Peyton did the same thing just last week! I believe it was old enchiladas that was on the fork she got though :)

Janet said...

Leftover casserole - yummy!

P.S. Are you thinkin' pink for me?