Monday, June 20, 2011

father's day weekend and a wordy update on life

what a great weekend!! we enjoyed celebrating all the wonderful men in our family!!

lee got his car washed and some new seat covers in an effort to improve what i now call the "locker room on wheels"... whew. just take a big whiff in your mind. BOOM! you're there. in lee's ride!

but NOW, its better. :) with an extra squirt or seven of "new car scent" from the guys at autobell... you're welcome, america.

i had some great girl-time this weekend, enjoyed time with nearly all of our families and even went to a new sunday school.

its hard to explain, but lee and i (maybe more me than the pair of us) have been going through a bit of emotional pruning... and maybe even some spiritual spring cleaning. i think God has a way of sometimes starting something like this by throwing pebbles at your window as opposed to fireworks and banner planes. you know, like the friend who politely passes you a piece of gum as opposed to tagging you and your smelly breath in their facebook post.

was it one earth-shattering, life-altering moment? no.

sometimes its the subtle, discreet signals that get your wheels turning.

although they usually require some awkwardly painful moments, i most enjoy these times when you feel like you have a fresh start and a 2nd (or 100th) chance. one simple thing can start a revolution... maybe not that kind of revolution... but a self revolution.

i'm pretty sure of myself. sometimes a little TOO sure. but when something comes along and makes you question the tiniest of things its like a spark. it inspires me to really re-think and reflect and even refocus things. it inspires a facebook friend purge (down from 1600ish to 995 thankyouverymuch) it un-muddies the water that so effiecently clouded your vision.

now are all aspects of a self-revolution deep and introspective? of course not. in the beginning of this newest chapter, i've cleaned off my (hideous) desk at work... tidied up my inbox (and the trash folder)... yeah, along with the facebook purge.

so far, i'm really enjoying this most recent awakening. not wasting my time on things or people that aren't worth my time. i've been enlightened to new activities and people that really ARE worth my time and don't cause me quite so much grief... i've learned that through thick and thin, lee is REALLY my best friend--he has supported me emotionally in ways that i didn't know i needed support. my defender to the bitter end.

is it an "awakening" or is it just growing up? and when exactly will i be DONE growing up? either way, i'm likin' the new me. slowly and surely lee and i are finding our way, growing our marriage, learning more about each other, and learning about being the best possible example for eden.

sorry... are you still reading?! i didn't mean to get this deep... but its been an ongoing topic of discussion now for several weeks.

...and i'm thinking about re-reading "skinny bitch".... but that just opens a whole 'nother can of worms now doesn't it?


Ashlynn said...

I totally understand what you're saying! I've been thinking for awhile now about just deleting my FB altogether because it is such a stupid waste of my time. Then I think about the family members who keep up with me/us through FB and then second-guess it. I think we are all growing up and realizing certain things. In ways it's fun and then in other ways it's like, "Gah, I'm old!"

KieKie! said...

Such grace, strength & maturity. I'm constantly and continually amazed. <3

Janet said...

61 years old here; still growing, maturing, being refined.. all God's children are His work in progress.

Edwin and Jess said...

I'm glad you guys have found a place the whole family enjoys. That's so important. Although we will miss you...lucky for you we live like 3 mins away :)