Saturday, April 2, 2011

spring cleaning and toddler-proofing

generally speaking, our house is pretty "eden-proof", but the time has come to depart with my favorite rug... the one under our kitchen table.

bless its heart--it was so full of fashion... funky circles... brown and blue and khaki colored... tied the kitchen and the living room together so nicely... but these last few months of table food for the toddler haven't been kind...

i'm simplifying... one less thing to clean... i can just swiffer to my hearts content now... from the laundry room, through the kitchen, down the hall and into the hall bath... with out the gigantic "swiffer dead spot" that i have to vacuum and/or sweep and/or scrub pooch hair out of it.

the house looked so fresh and spring-y, eden and i ventured to lowe's and got a couple of plants for our porch!

don't worry--i only got plants i've been remotely successful with in the past. and on the way home, i apologized to each of them in advance.

a carolina jasmine plant and a clematis... both crawling vine type plants that in the past, i've managed to sustain for more than the trip home from the store.

my jasmine plant was left outside during the snow a "couplah" years ago and didn't make it...

and the clematis i've even round-upped by accident and wouldn't you know it, it's coming back this year!! wow! THAT's the plant for me!! hahah

i've also been wanting to get a hook hanger thing for the awesome wind chime we picked up in jamaica... and i even indulged the impulse shopping trip a little futher by getting a bird feeder. i've been wanting to get one for e--i know she'll love hearing the birds and watching them :)

does anyone know of a strong man to cLimb a step ladEr with thE drill and hang up this stuff?

happy spring, y'all!

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